Professional Partners

At Renaissance IFA LLP, we are experienced in dealing with professional partners such as solicitors and accountants.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the very specific financial challenges faced by you and offer expert planning, investment and pension advice on an individual basis.

We are dedicated to giving you and your client the right solution on a case by case basis, as everyone’s requirements are different. The maintenance of our independence is key.

Specialist areas include:

Trustee Investments

  • Renaissance IFA LLP has many years of experience in providing advice to trustees, helping them to fulfil their statutory obligations
  • We understand the requirements of the Trustee Act, and their practical applications

Our services include:

  • Risk appropriate investment advice
  • Ongoing management
  • Regular reviews

Later Life Planning

  • Renaissance IFA LLP provides advice to clients and their solicitors regarding the complex and emotive issues surrounding later life planning
  • We aim to provide clarity on the issues which can arise when a family member loses capacity or goes into care.


“I have known Delphine since 2006 and since this time, she has impressed me with her commitment to her clients, her organisation and her enthusiasm for the financial services industry.  She has reinforced this by achieving higher levels of qualification over the years, and we are able to pool our combined knowledge and work together on more complex cases, especially when dealing with the Court of Protection or later life planning to generate the best possible outcome for our mutual clients. “

Andrew Norton, Norton Connor, Leeds